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Offshore Wind Power Generation in Japan; current development

1. First Round of Public Offerings for Offshore Wind Power Projects in 2021

Aiming to introduce offshore wind power generation of up to 10 million kW by the year 2030, Japan held so-called first round of public offerings in 2021 for the three offshore wind power projects under the FIT system1 at two offshore sites in Akita Prefecture and one offshore site in Chiba Prefecture designated as “project promoting areas” in accordance with the “Act on Promoting the Utilization of Sea Areas in Development of Power Generation Facilities Using Marine Renewable Energy Resources” (“APUSA”), which stipulates the standard rules for the long-term exclusive occupancy and use of the sea areas for offshore wind power generation, etc. On 24 December 2021 these three projects were all awarded to Mitsubishi led consortium.2 Subsequently, the exclusive occupancy and use plans for these three projects3 were approved on 13 December 2022, which clarify the outline of the project/facility, expected schedule for milestone, project implementation framework, among others.

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