Data Protection Law

The continuous global exchange of data and information, whether at the workplace or in private, has evolved as a new legal battlefield. This requires pro-active and creative solutions in an area where the regulatory framework is under constant change. For multinationals, the borderless world of data exchange constitutes an additional challenge due to the different applicable legal standards in each jurisdiction.
While protection of personal and confidential commercial data is at the forefront of the legal discussion, a seamless flow of information is equally important for today’s businesses.
It is our task as lawyers to ensure the efficient handling and processing of data and information by our clients in compliance with secure legal protection standards.

Our specialists have broad experience in providing practical legal advice on data protection related matters and ensure keeping our clients up-to-date with the latest legal and commercial developments in this rapidly changing field.
Our legal services in this area include in particular the following:

  • Non-disclosure, privacy and compliance policies;
  • Integration of IT infrastructures, also subsequent to M&A transactions;
  • Handling of personal data and information at the workplace;
  • Use of electronic communication devices and communication technologies in- and outside the workplace;
  • Transfer of data, e.g. in a business or asset transfer;
  • Legal risk assessment and measures to be taken in the event of a data leakage.

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