Corporate Law

We provide professional advice in all areas of corporate law for private and public companies, partnerships and any other company types. We assist in the establishment of subsidiaries, joint ventures, and all kinds of corporate reorganization procedures.

Our advisory services in this field particularly include:

  • Corporate housekeeping:
    Preparation and maintenance of governance documents, such as articles of association, bylaws, minutes of shareholders’ and board meetings, internal rules, as well as shareholders’ agreements and service agreements for board members;
  • Corporate structuring:
    Equity participation plans, such as convertible bonds, option agreements, trust agreements, silent partnerships, and employee participation programs;
  • Corporate reorganization:
    Corporate split, mergers, demergers, spin-off etc.;
  • Corporate governance and compliance;
  • Corporate litigation and arbitration.

Our experienced lawyers ensure compliance with a constantly changing legal environment and strive for the best economically practical and legally secure solution. With an entrepreneurial mindset, a good portion of pragmatism, solid legal expertise and last but not least our passion for what we do, we ensure realization of our clients’ goals.

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