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COVID-19 Info No.15

Update on the latest governmental measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (as of 14 January 2021):

For visitors from Germany, like from most other foreign countries, entry to Japan is now denied, except for those with a valid residence status and re-entry permit. Furthermore, for those who still may enter Japan, quarantine regulations have been strengthened and a pledge must be signed upon arrival to inter alia confirm that certain daily electronic reporting and information obligations will be observed during the 14 days quarantine period. In addition to the mandatory download of smart phone apps from public (Ministry of Health and Welfare) and private sector service providers (LINE), violations may result in a revocation of the status of residence and deportation for foreign residents.

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COVID-19 Info No.14

With effect of 1 November 2020, Japan has removed 8 countries (including Australia, Korea and Thailand) from the list of countries subject to an entry ban, and added 2 further countries (Jordan, Myanmar) to the list. All European countries, including Germany, are still subject to the entry ban. Foreigners who have stayed in one of the 152...

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COVID-19 Info No.13

The Ministry of Justice has announced that, from 1st September, foreign nationals residing in Japan will be allowed to re-enter Japan after having left the country, subject to certain procedural requirements (including a formal request before departure and a negative testing certificate prior to return). This ends a months-long restriction for...

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COVID-19 Info No.12

With effect of 24 July 2020, the Ministry of Justice has added 17 countries to the ban list of countries from which the entry to Japan is principally prohibited. The complete ban list in English can be found here: Foreign residents with a permanent resident visa or spouse visa who have departed from...

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COVID-19 Info No.11

In an announcement dated 1 July 2020, the Japanese Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has added further 18 countries to the ban list of countries from where the entry to Japan is principally prohibited. An English translation of the announcement, which includes the latest version of the complete ban list, can be found here.

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COVID-19 Info No.10

In an announcement dated 12 June 2020, the Japanese Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has published exemptions from the general refusal of entry for foreigners who have stayed in a country on the immigration ban list published by the MoJ. Further information on the entry restrictions and exemptions can be found here (PDF-Document). More information about...

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COVID-19 Related Newsletter

Newsflash Balancing Home Office with Office Work (June 2020)

Although the state of emergency has been lifted for the entire territory of Japan on 25 May 2020, the health risks related to COVID-19 persist, and many companies have chosen to continue teleworking (or working from home, “home office”) in one way or another. In this Newsflash we discuss some legal questions resulting from these changes at the workplace and the consequences for employer and employees.

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